Oh, How Colors Change!

The time is now! God’s ways are nearby. Turn around and invest in good ideas. Mark 1:15

Have you ever bought paint, got it home, put it on the wall, and said “That’s not the color I wanted!” Of course it’s custom mixed and the store won’t take it back.

Our eyes register colors with the surroundings. The same color can look lighter or darker just by changing the colors around it. The colors don’t actually change but they do appear differently as the context changes.

In a similar way, scripture has changed for me over time and place. I keep learning more about it, more biblical research. But it also changes as I move from context to context – indeed, as I begin to make sense of how all the places I’ve been add up to an on-going life story. Today it’s easy for me to say I was naive about the bible when I first started preaching somewhere between landing on the moon and the birth of the internet. (I’ll let you all figure out exactly when).

Join me in reading the Gospel of Mark again, or for the first time. Expect to be surprised, to have your mind changed, opinions challenged, beliefs stretched, but more than everything else, your heart and will moved in new directions. That’s what I find reading the bible does to me.

And the bible is best read together!

– Pastor Meyer

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