Martin Luther often invited friends and guests to his home to enjoy food and a good beer. The conversations around the table would be so engaging that his students recorded many of them. These conversations go everywhere, and yet somehow Jesus always shows up.

If you are ready to relax, have a pint, and speak easy about the big topics, wherever it may lead, then come join us for pub theology. We currently meet on 4th Friday of every month at 6:30 pm from May to November. We often meet at Southern Brewing and Winemaking, on Nebraska Avenue just south of Osborne, although we are currently meeting in the church parsonage right next to the church, 5107 N Central Ave. Please follow our Facebook page for the most current information on upcoming pub theology events. Our topics vary and have often included current events, social justice, philosophy, and science. An archive of some of our past topics can be found below to give you an idea. People of all religious backgrounds or no religious background at all are welcome to join the conversation. Invite a friend; all are welcome!

Finally, your feedback is always welcome; if you have ideas for topics or other suggestions you can email me at

Peace and blessings,

+Pr. Gabriel

Here’s our Pub Theology schedule for 2023:

26 May: How do we get a handle on misinformation?

23 June: Will Artificial Intelligence change the world for the better?

28 July: What do we do with violence in the Bible?

25 August: Are Lutherans “Evangelical”?

22 September: Does the Bible teach God’s preference for the poor and oppressed?

27 October: Do we have a moral duty to future humans?

24 November: TBD

Archive of previous topics:

13 July 2018 Should an open society tolerate the intolerant?
27 July 2018 What does a Christian theology of natural evolution look like?
10 August 2018 Should judges rule according to the original intent of the constitution, or according to the golden rule?
24 August 2018 Should we abolish the death penalty?
14 September 2018 Does God suffer?
28 September 2018 What are some of the local impacts of climate change here in Tampa?
12 October 2018 What should a Christian think about the environment and care of creation?
9 November 2018 Are antisemitism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism on the rise in the U.S.?
23 November 2018 Is our consumer culture of constant shopping a kind of religion?
14 December 2018 Is access to affordable health care a human right?
28 December 2018 Is Mary the mother of God?
11 January 2019 On the shutdown: is there a divine mandate for government?
25 January 2019 On the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: have we made the progress in racial justice that we think we have?
8 February 2019 How should we interpret the creation story in Genesis?
22 February 2019 On the Tampa Municipal Elections
8 & 22 March 2019 What is feminist theology?
12 April 2019 On human rights and the death penalty
26 April 2019 Is the national debt really a problem? On modern monetary theory
10 May 2019 Why pray?
24 May 2019 Road trip to Castle Church Brewing in Orlando
28 June 2019 On human rights and our southern border
26 July 2019 Are you sure? When certainty leads us astray
30 August 2019 What does it mean for the ELCA to be a sanctuary denomination?
25 October 2019 On the Protestant Reformation and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s idea of a religionless Christianity
22 November 2019 Prison: Punishment or Rehabilitation?
24 January 2020 Should billionaires exist?
23 Oct 2020 Special session on gender and the ancient church with Queer Eye guest Noah Hepler
22 Jan 2021 Limits of church neutrality in politics
26 Feb 2021 Are we post truth?
26 March 2021 Pious Bias?
23 April 2021 The church in the neighborhood
28 May 2021 UFOs!?
25 June 2021 Four Americas?
23 July 2021 Your Brain on Forgiveness
22 Oct 2021 Is Democracy Dying?
3 Dec 2021 Is it time for another reformation?
25 Feb 2022 Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion
25 March 2022 War in Ukraine
22 April 2022 Is Social Media Destroying Us?
29 July 2022 Banality of Evil