Martin Luther often invited friends and guests to his home to enjoy food and a good beer. The conversations around the table would be so engaging that his students recorded many of them. These conversations go everywhere, and yet somehow Jesus always shows up.

If you are ready to relax, have a pint, and speak easy about the big topics, wherever it may lead, then come join us for pub theology on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month at 6:30 pm. We are currently meeting at Southern Brewing and Winemaking on Nebraska Avenue, which is just south of Osborne. Please follow our Facebook page for weekly updates. Our topics vary and have often included current events, social justice, philosophy, and science. People of all religious backgrounds or no religious background at all are welcome to join the conversation. Invite a friend; all are welcome!

Here’s our current schedule of topics. Your feedback is always welcome; you can email me at


13 July 2018 Should an open society tolerate the intolerant?
27 July 2018 What does a Christian view of natural evolution look like?
10 August 2018 Should judges rule according to the original intent of the constitution, or according to the golden rule?
24 August 2018 Should we abolish the death penalty?
14 September 2018 Does God suffer?
28 September 2018 Can gradual changes fix the climate crisis, or do we need something more drastic?


For our next pub theology, we will be discussing the morality of the death penalty. With recent attention to Pope Francis, to John Oliver’s recent episode on prosecutors, people have become increasingly aware that the judicial process often makes mistakes, resulting in innocent people on death row. One can debate the morality of having a death penalty at all. However, even if one grants the morality of capital punishment in at least some extreme situations, surely the execution of an innocent person must be condemned. Yet if such fallibilities exist in the implementation of capital punishment, can this be permitted or justified in order to maintain the practice? In the social statement published on this topic in 1991, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has said, “no.” While capital punishment might be morally permissible as an action of the state in certain circumstances, it is immoral in modern societies because of the fallibilities of the criminal justice system and the ability to protect public society by other means.

What do you think? Come tell us about it!

+Vicar Gabriel


Wow, you must be interested in this stuff if you scrolled all the way down here. If so, then check out Castle Church Brewing Community in Orlando, an authorized worshiping community of the ELCA with a brand new location opening soon. Turns out we’re not the only ones doing ministry with a beer in hand! I just hope Aaron doesn’t mind that we borrowed his awesome bottle cap! Once their new location is open, stay tuned for pub theology on tour, where we’ll take a little road trip to Orlando.