The GIFT Center


Faith’s Community Garden

The Gardening In Faith Together Center, otherwise to be called The GIFT Center, is now being organized at Faith Lutheran Church. At the core of the center is a new community garden. There will be an actual garden around which a family support center develops. The garden will be both community and vegeta-bles.

Faith Church already has collaborating partners that provide day-care and tutoring on-site. This fall parenting and nutrition classes will also be offered. The GIFT Center intends to build on commu-nity assets to enrich families in the surrounding neighborhood, which has some of Hillsborough County’s highest rates of impov-erishment.

A major work-party weekend is planned for October 8-9. On Sat-urday, October 8, community volunteers will build 4’ by 10’ planter boxes and fill them with soil. On Sunday, October 9, we will hold our parishwide “God’s Work. Our Hands. Day” in the new community garden at Faith Lutheran Church. In or-der to have a great event, we will hold a single parish worship ser-vice at Faith at 10:00 am that Sunday. Folks should come in their work clothes. We will be planting seeds in the garden after wor-ship. There will be a potluck and Faith asks St. Paul participants to help …menu: salads, sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks. Whatever each person wants to bring will be great!

The GIFT Circle will oversee the Center. The Circle includes par-ish members and community partners who provide leadership for the various functions of the center. The Circle is applying for grants that can support its development and center programs.

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