Gardening In Faith Together










Faith’s Community Garden

The Gardening In Faith Together Center, otherwise to be called The GIFT Center, is a community garden organized at our parish partner, Faith Lutheran Church. This garden is intended to be the root of a community center, a point of contact with the larger community to connect people with resources of various kinds. The GIFT Center intends to build on community assets to enrich families in the surrounding neighborhood, which has some of Hillsborough County’s highest rates of impoverishment.

In pursuit of this goal, Faith has collaborating partners that provide day-care and tutoring on-site. Tutoring is every Friday from 1-4pm during the summer. Tutoring hours for the Fall semester are to be determined.

Our summer crop included long beans, egg plant, okra, jalapeños, serrano chili peppers, and green bell peppers. We’re currently growing tomatoes and cranberries, and we just planted our winter crop.

The GIFT Center is always applying for grants that can support its development and programs.

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