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If You Like…

  • If you like an 11:00 am church service, “that’s when we start.”
  • If you like a one-hour church service, “we are usually close.”
  • If you like friendly people, “you are just like us.”
  • If you like to sing, “we need you.”
  • If you like historic neighborhoods, “we are one,” Seminole Heights.
  • If you like organ music, “we have a new one.”
  • If you like Starbucks & Krispy Kreme donuts, “you will love after church socials.”
  • If you look forward to coming back next week, “you are one of us.”
  • If you have considered a Memorial Garden, “we have one.”
  • If you want to get married, “our church is very photogenic.”

Donate a “Tile” to St. Paul’s Roof Fund!

St. Paul Lutheran is undergoing a capital campaign to preserve our historic building, built in 1950 to mirror Hillsborough High School across the street. Our mission remains strong, but our original roof has seen better days.

We have received a Hillsborough County grant to help “seal the envelope”, but it’s a matching funds grant. Our plans are for a new roof, removal and replacement of the mortar between the bricks, and resealing the stained glass windows. For this reason, we are appealing to our neighbors and friends to help. Your generosity in this effort will help us meet and exceed our goal.

Would you help us by donating a $10 roof “tile” or two and help us reach our goal of 3,000 “tiles”? With every donation, you will help us keep our beautiful building open to be a valuable resource to our neighborhood and community. It takes just minutes, by just clicking on the PayPal link.

One thought on “You’re home!

  1. Reasons Why We Love St. Paul:

    “St. Paul must be one of the friendliest churches around. I see it every time I’m there – before church, after church (we have a WONDERFUL fellowship time), before, during and after choir rehearsals and meetings, and just about anytime there is more than just me there. It is amazing! I see so much good, and I see so many people making a difference, both in our church family, and out in the community. Sometimes, it’s very easy to see. But often, many of you are working “behind the scenes” without anyone noticing. The point is, St. Paul Lutheran Church is an amazing place, filled with hope and grace, with the Holy Spirit working through us.”
    – Dennis Douglas

    “I had not been to church in a very long time so I decided to go on the anniversary of my best friend and husband’s death. St. Paul reminded me of the church I was confirmed in. The service was beautiful and when I went to communion I started to cry. There was an angel kneeling next to me. She put her hand on mine and I felt her strength. After the service at the fellowship time, everyone was so friendly. I was asked to come to a women’s group the next Thursday night. Needless to say I kept coming HOME to St. Paul every Sunday.”
    – Patricia Smith

    “Many people will talk about unconditional love, but I see it manifest so often at our church services and events. I look forward to every Sunday because, for me, it truly feels like coming home. Our church is a place where you know you will always find acceptance and support. I am so grateful for the gift of your friendships and I look forward to more times for fellowship with all of you.”
    – Jeanine Romano

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