ChoRuss Concert November 17, 7:00 PM Free Concert

ChoRuss means “choir of Russian”. They are an ensemble of four voices from Russia, and they will be in-concert at St. Paul on
Friday, November 17. They perform a mix of sacred and Russian folk music.   It was founded in 2012 by Miroslav Alekseev and Dmitry Petrov.
In our ensemble of 5 people. This ensemble of soloists.

Dmitry Petrov (2 tenor ) – conductor, Andrey Pugachev (Bass), Sofia Chesnokova (soprano), Oleg Korolev – Tenor.

They sing spiritual music of popular composers from the 19th, 20th century which accompanies worship in the Russian Orthodox Church. Dmitry Bortniansky, Sergei Rachmaninov, Peter Tchaikovsky, Pavel Chesnokov. This music is performed a Cappella, as in the traditions of Orthodox music is not used musical instruments.

All singers have musical Conservatory education With Petersburg and other Russian cities.

Before participating in the ensemble of “СhoRuss”, the artists worked in other vocal ensembles, participated in worship and toured extensively in Russia as well as countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA.
The repertoire of ensemble is spiritual a-cappella music, which is performed at church services in the Orthodox Church and Russian folk songs. The purpose of the group “СhoRuss” is, through music, to tell as much as it’s possible about Russia and its cultural heritage.